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Why it’s time to break up with a bad job.

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Fri Jul 12 2019 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

People say that quitting your job is just like a break up. There are always some obstacles that stop you from ending the relationship.

1.    I have been spending 10 years with this man, I will miss him if I leave.

You know that you have been working at this company for 6 years. You have already built up your sense of belonging and colleagues’ network. You really miss that job if you quit.


2.    You feel struggling when your ex wants you to stay.

Sometimes your boss will give you some incentives to force you to stay, and you will hesitate.


3.    You are not sure whether you make a rational decision and when will you find your Mr. Right.

It is hard for people to step out of their comfort zone, especially when they feel uncertain about other alternatives. People trapped in the comfort zone as they are afraid of losing a sense of security and value.


4.    If I had multiple failed relationships, people may think that I am difficult to commit or intractable.        

Many people believe that change jobs frequently would make another company doubt their loyalty and capabilities as it seems like they are able to commit a long-term relationship. 

However, Patty McCord, the chief talent officer at Netflix, pointed out that people who change jobs frequently have a higher learning curve than those who have been in a company for more than three years and can have better performance and loyalty. She even suggested that young people should plan to change jobs every three to four years.


It is better to suffer short-term pain rather than long-term torture.


McCord pointed out that people who change jobs often can jump out of the comfort zone and quickly enter another organization. This helps you make a good impression and make good grades, when the motivation is still strong. Also, you are still in the period where you learn like a sponge and strive to show bright results, which allows you to go to the next stage.


As far as she observed, these people have indeed learned a lot in a short time, and they have better performance and vitality.


Penelope Trunk, an expert in the planning of the career, observed that after three years of doing the same job, the learning curve will be greatly slowed down, and it will appear to be stagnant in learning. Too much stability seems to cause people to lose their enthusiasm and potential for progress. If you stay put in one job for a long time, you begin to perform your job mechanically and you lose touch with the outside world. Your supply of new ideas will begin to diminish as you fall behind what is happening outside your industry. Eventually, you won't be as creative or energized about trying new things.


More importantly, before you consider quitting your job, you have to figure out the reason why you have to quit deliberately and whether this issue will be happening when you are in a new position.

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