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How is your “jumpiness” being perceived by recruitment specialists?

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Mclaren Consultancy

Mon Jul 15 2019 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

What does being jumpy mean? It corresponds to the tendency of a candidate to jump from a job to another within a very short period of time. There are some downsides and upsides to this behavior. Here, let’s focus on the recruiter’s point of view regarding those candidates.

Will HR avoid jumpy candidates?


The answer is certainly a yes.


Most of the time, if you change jobs frequently, your resume will be treated cautiously.


What frequency of changing jobs is being perceived as ‘jumpy’ for HR?


Well, it varies between different sector. The Gallup Consulting regards 3 years as a normal interval of changing jobs. As they believe 2 to 4 year is necessary for one to learn and grow in their position. While in some industries like technology, employees tend to have higher career mobility. However, no matter which sector you are working in, any jumps less than 1 year is not good looking. How can HR be confident in you to stay and develop in their company with your profile?


The more frequent I switch my job, the faster my salary increment?


Yes, but this is only applicable when you are at junior level. Companies are more willing to offer higher salary for candidates that jump in.


But for senior level, it is uncertain. Statistically, we observed that the more senior you are, the longer you will stay in each job. For candidates with 10+ years of experience, their interval of job change extend to 27 months. For example, senior managers need more time to build and grow the team in order for them to be recognized as competent leaders. Also, they would be more unwilling to risk their reputation in the job market. For mature employees, they need to prudently reflect on the purpose, benefit and risk of their move, as their cost increases.


Benefits & risks associated with each career move


Most people just see the roses of jumping but have not realized the thorns underneath. You should never let the benefits of your career move mask the associated risks. Here are some advice we provide to you.



  • Immediate salary increment

  • Easier seniority increment

  • Freshness in new environment

  • Meeting new faces

  • …and a lot more



  • You only have 1 shot in the near future

  • You sacrifice the opportunity of organic growth within the same organization

  • You may be perceived as jumpy and it will become more difficult to change jobs in the future



  • Think about whether the benefits on paper cover the risks underneath

  • Focus on your long-term career development

  • Never lie on your resume for the sake of projecting an image of stability

  • Plan ahead your explanation to HR for your jumpiness (you may need some professional advice)

Interested in exploring career opportunities or know a friend who does? Let us know!

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