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Doing Fundamentals Right

Facilitating the job search process

Like the training of professional athletes, job searching process can be lengthy, sometimes painstaking and frustrating.

Doing the fundamentals right with a holistic approach is just as crucial as a good training plan for sportsmen – it gets you to the goal line. In this column, we will share some practical tips and insight articles on recruitment from time to time, including CV advice, interview skills, job offer negotiation and resignation meeting. Nonetheless, our best advice to address to your needs is to talk to us directly and let us understand your unique skill set for a personalized job search approach through a booked consultation session.

Check out our articles and advice:

Mclaren Consultancy

Managing Conflicts in Workplace

Conflicts always exist in workplace. Do you ignore or solve them?

Mclaren Consultancy

Good leader not enough? Want to be a great leader? Easier said then done? Here are the solutions.

Do you think you are a great leader?

Mclaren Consultancy

How gender equality can benefit you and your business?

Gender equality has always been a tumultuous debate. The Census Bureau measured in 2018 that for a dollar made by a man a woman on average wins 80 cents, which represent an average gap of 20 percent. Why is it so while gender diversity is proven to make firms earning more money?

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