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Managing Conflicts in Workplace

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Wed Feb 12 2020 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Conflicts always exist in workplace. Do you ignore or solve them? 

Ways to manage conflicts

Seek for mediation

Sometimes, it is necessary to get the third party involve in to reduce the anger. A good mediator can be your teammates, your manager or anyone who gain the trust and confidents from both conflicting parties. The mediator helps the parties understand the reasons behind the conflict and agree on ways of future interaction. This can facilitate communication and negotiation.

Reduce stress and preserve integrity

Feelings like angry or hurt accompany conflict. In order to eliminate stress, let the individuals express and acknowledge their feeling first. Openly expression can let others better understand one’s thought and led to an easier way to strive for consensus. Working through conflicts can unite the people as they deal with the challenges together. This facilitates team building and enhances commitment.

Increase staff morale

Increase staff morale is the fundamental solution that prevent the conflict from happening. A team with high staff morale will increase the overall performance of the team. In order to increase staff morale, the team leaders should share a common vision to every team member.  The vision will motivate and inspire the team. People will consider the interest of the whole and minimize contraction.

Benefits of the conflicts
It has been discovered that conflict actually has real benefits for the company.

Foster exchange of idea and increase creativity

Innovations hardly come about when we are satisfied with the status quo. Conflict forces the team to exchange ideas and seek more information regarding the issue. Team member will explicate their thoughts during the conflict. This will provide new insights to the individuals and trigger creative solutions in solving problems and achieving goals. In this sense, conflict can create positive changes to the company. 

Increase effectiveness of teamwork

As aforementioned, working through conflicts with colleagues can provide a platform to unify the group. More than that, a vital component of an effective team is to let everyone has a voice. People are more likely to buy the decisions if they are taken part in decision making process. By getting involved in efforts to resolve conflicts, team members will focus on taking action and become more productive. 

In most conflicts, neither party is right or wrong. Conflict can be positive if you deal with it openly. It is an opportunity for you to explore other possible views, strengthen work unity by openly exchanging ideas and develop productive relationship. Clear communication is the cornerstone of conflict resolution.

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