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Mclaren Consultancy today.

Being a consultant

Recruitment is a people business. Bridging the right talents with the right business leaders and maximizing both of their career potential are the core value of our business.

Our professional consultants are the catalyst to the chemistry between talents and business leaders. All of our consultants have proven track record in completing various recruitment assignments and have sound market knowledge to provide insightful consultation from both recruitment and business perspectives.


With solid industry expertise in diverse disciplines and industries, we make sure our candidate's talents and client's profile will not be undiscovered and underrated. 

What are the roles of a consultant?

As recruitment consultants, our main goal is to strive for recruitment success by bridging the right talents with the right career opportunities within the shortest time frame possible. By offering our insight to candidates and clients, we recognize revenue by successfully matching the demand and supply of human-capital market. 


The following core attributes are keys to recruitment success:

  • commercial acumen in spotting demand and supply in human capital market

  • consultative selling techniques in conveying abstract insight to candidates and clients

  • organizational skills in managing multi tasks and pipelines of different priorities

  • result-oriented mentality and perseverance in achieving business goals

  • intellectual capacity in continuous pursuit of new knowledge

  • moral and business ethics


What values can we bring to the market?

Our expertise and market knowledge allow us to give the best advice to our clients and to find the best pick.


Founded as a sales & marketing specialist recruitment firm and later evolved as holistic human capital solution consultancy, our consultants have unrivaled recruitment expertise in Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources and Business Operation.


Thanks to our competitive talent sourcing strategy, we are always one step ahead of our recruitment fellows. 


What impact do we have on candidates?

Our expertise allows us to have a deep knowledge of the true potential of our clients as both an employer and a business. This is why we strive to offer interesting and relevant opportunities to our candidates.


We do not only offer candidates the connection to promising career opportunities but also training sessions and advice to increase their chances in succeeding their interviews. Understanding our candidates’ experiences and expectations is very important to us, which is why we conduct behavioral-based interviews to get to know more about them.


A typical day in our life

What to Do First Thing in the Morning?

Every business opportunity starts from a cup of coffee. All of us brush up our day by a cup of hand-made coffee prepared by our barista. Sit back, relax, enjoy the facilities in our lounge and plan your day wisely.

Today you are assigned with a recruitment mission. You are excited by the ambitious expansion plan of your client, however knowing that their low profile and new establishment would limit industry professionals from envisioning the promising future of this company. 

Several candidate names have popped up in your mind. While you keep your eyes closed, your analytical mind is restlessly thinking of the pros and cons of each potential candidate match. Finally you have made up your mind and picked up the phone. 

Conversation does not go smoothly but this is what you have expected. It has never been easy for any candidate to take the first step away from their career comfort zone.  However, while you are empathetic with your candidate's consideration, you trust your expertise developed throughout the years and believe this career move is what your candidate needs. 

"Ok, let's have a coffee with their CEO. Honestly, I am not totally convinced but I have faith in you." Finally, the first move is taken. 

Recruitment is never easy, and this is much sophisticated than merely "sending your resume". 

"I am just done with the coffee meeting with their CEO. He is smart and visionary, and is definitely the type of leader that I would love to work with. I would say this is the perfect career opportunity for me and could not wait to join his team. Thank you!"

So, do you have what it takes to make this happen?

Work environment


Enjoy a break in our lounge with a spacious and friendly environment, at the high end Lee Garden.

Personal sharings


Maxime, 23 years old from Paris, Business school student spent 4 months with us. He always liked to travel,  and went to Shenzhen as an exchange before. He decided to come back in South East Asia for a complete professional experience. For him, Asia is a land of opportunities and he wanted to get the most from his time in Hong Kong.


Laurine, 22 years old from France, also a Business School student spent 6 months with us as an intern. After a semester completed in Suzhou, China, as an exchange student, she decided to stay in Asia and get a professional experience in the recruiting and consulting industry. She wanted to discover what Hong Kong had to offer and to really experience its working culture. 

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