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Profile photo on CV, to do or not to do?

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Mclaren Consultancy

Thu Sep 13 2018 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Without doubt every candidate wants to stand out in front of every other competitors. Before you want to take any action, please think about the following questions: Why you should include a photo? And Why you shouldn’t include a photo?

Why you should include a photo?


The industry that you have selected plays a significant role. Candidates in other professions apart from creative professionals might benefit from adding a CV photo. Including a photo of yourself on your resume can help you develop your personal brand. And, by using the same photo that appears on your LinkedIn accounts, a consistent professional image will stuck into interviewers’ mind. By doing so it will help to build your own brand.
Moreover, we are now living in the visually driven era of social media. Just look at the popularity of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where eye-catching photos are key to generating clicks and followers online. This directly relates to including a head-shot on a CV, since hiring managers are naturally drawn to visual elements. Thus, adding a photo to your resume can potentially capture a hiring manager or recruiter’s attention—and lead to a job interview.


Why you shouldn’t include a photo?

This depends on the field that you are choosing from. For some conservative field like information technology, health care, or finance, it’s probably best to not add a photo to your CV. The reason behind is that you want the employer to only focus on your ability.

If you would like to include a photo on your CV, go to a professional photographer and get one done. As they have much better equipment and skill to make you look more professional than having a friend or family member snap a quick photo of you.

Make sure that you are properly dressed for the photo, be sure that it is a businesslike portrait or a dress code that suits your job nature. Photos should be recent, show only the head and shoulders on a neutral background, and feature you in your normal professional attire. After all, you don’t want your future employer to have a wrong first impression on you right?

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