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Tough interview? Or just being realistic?

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Winnie Cheng

Fri Nov 23 2018 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Mostly everyone should have at least once in their life time in having a job interview. Some applicants say interview is a piece of cake, but some say is hard as rock. Some say it is exciting and some say it is nerve-cracking.

After the interview, some have positive feedback and of course, some has negative feedback. For the applicants that have positive feedback, usually they have a great conversation with the interviewer and everything has gone smoothly as they expected.


However, there’s always time when the interview didn’t go well as expected, and one of the reasons is that they are facing ‘tough’ interviewer and they don’t like the atmosphere of the interview with interviewer that has an ‘attitude’.

In one of our recruitment assignments, the major responsibility of the position is to sell luxurious artwork to wealthy clients. A couple of candidates were referred to be interviewed by a line manager. All of them suffered from the same experience with a harsh, impatient and rushed interview. The interviews only took 30 minutes. No working experience were asked but personal things like dress code and style of conversation were picked on. Moreover, the manager emphasized that the employee would be fired if they could not achieve the KPI. All candidates complained of such horrible experience.

We caught up with the HR immediately. She admitted that this was their style and the employee must achieve that KPI. Therefore, we focused on the role play interviews for the candidates. Through the harsh practice, we would be able to manage their expectations and showed them the reality – not all the interviewers were supposed to be kind and friendly.

In fact, no one likes to speak with the harsh persons. However, it is also a fact that harsh persons cannot be avoided during working especially if you are a salesman. The interviewer might be mean, but does it mean that it is his/her true attitude when facing the subordinates? Is it a test to the candidates to get prepared for? These are the things deserve considerations.

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