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What is the most important consideration for candidates when considering whether to take a job?

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Mclaren Consultancy

Thu Oct 17 2019 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

What can attract candidates? 

Hard to find good candidate to work for? Be more flexible on working arrangements, this might be another option to capture them to benefit your company. Do a little something can help to attract them…


Candidate experience is the most important consideration for job seekers when considering whether to accept a job offer, according to a survey, the 2018 Emerging Workforce Study, from Spherion Staffing Services.


On the word of media reports, job seekers said that the most critical factor in considering a position was their experience with the company, which 86% of employees think is important. The number of welfares provided by the company to help maintain work-life balance ranks second, followed by the company's culture and values. 65% of employees said that the company's online reputation is as important as determining whether to accept a job offer or not.


Therefore, in order to make the interview experience better, company mangers should pay full attention to what happens during the recruitment process and the content during the conversation. Courtesy, clear communication, and respect for the candidate's time and needs are important factors here - keep your words. One of the biggest dissatisfactions among job seekers is that the employer ‘ghosted’ on the candidate, especially when employer said “we will contact you later”.


According to a survey in 2016, around 60% of job seekers have experienced bad candidate experiences in the past. The study also found that "although only 61% of employers indicated that they would notify rejected candidates of their decision, 65% of job seekers indicated that they have never or rarely received an employer's notice."


These figures showed that what employers think they have done and what they actually do is disengaged. Because 80% of job seekers have stated their unwillingness to consider without any notification on their status of the application.

Returning to the Emerging Workforce Study, “agile employment opportunities” is vital to 41% of respondents, as they are more likely to accept the offers and the average percentage of the company's workforce has increased from 15% in 2017 to 29% in 2018.

Another important finding of the survey is to help employers and job seekers understand what the other person is looking for, with a quarter of employees (23%) saying they may be looking for new jobs in the next three months, while 33% said they may find a new job in the next 12 months. In the millennial generation, this number is higher, with 48% saying they may be looking for new jobs in the next three months and looking for 56% next year.

The main reason for moving forward is displeasure with current wages, growth opportunities and office culture.

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