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Connect with your future employer now

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Mclaren Consultancy

Fri Aug 30 2019 10:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Want to explore more before changing a job? Why don't you try and connect with future employer?

Many employers have shared with us how that one thing — being obviously well-prepared can make or break a job seeker’s chances at landing a new job. It is always good to take the first step to know better a company you potentially would like to work for. Even if you are not entering the company at the moment, knowing more helps you to explore possibilities and gain insights. It does no harm to proactively to talk or meet with potential employers before you decide whether or not to work for them. Therefore, don’t be shy in reaching out, a simple greeting may change your life!


How should you do?

Connecting with employers is much easier at present time, here are some ways suggested for you

-       Check the LinkedIn/ Facebook company profile and department you are interested in

-       Ask friends if they are working in or have connections in the company

-       Attend networking events of the company or other unions

-       Leave your contact and message to the company secretary/ employer

-       All in all, why not actively looking for a professional recruitment consultant, utilize his network and advice and let him do the job for you?


What should you do?

-       Greet the head/ employer and introduce yourself genuinely

-       Study the company in detail

-       Ask valuable questions about the business/ company/ employer (do not ask something you can search online!)

-       Keep a healthy, fruitful and progressive communication

-       Demonstrate how can you add value and how your skillsets and knowledge are relevant to the business (good to come with quantifiable measurement)

-       Send an invitation to meet in person


Why should you do?

-       Review on your current company and position (compare the offers, culture, path with the potential employer)

-       Get professional advice and insider information

-       To prepare for the job interview or opportunities (may even get a referral!)

-       Gain insights on business environment, career progression and so on


Many people stay in their comfort zone and often overlook the outside market. We urge you to get rid of this bad habit. Once you are in the market, there are thousands of opportunities. Always be prepared for your career progression. Connecting with the employer you are interested in open the gate to a room of possibilities, insights and reflections. Get ready today!

Interested in exploring career opportunities or know a friend who does? Let us know!

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