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Generation Z Characteristics

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Mclaren Consultancy

Tue Sep 18 2018 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The next generation to be entering the workforce is Generation Z, they will now be facing working with Millennials.


The difference between the two is important to know in order to prepare your business, shift marketing, adjust leadership, and adapt recruiting efforts to stay relevant for the future.

Gen Z and Millennials have a lot in common, but there are many ways in which the two generations differ.


1. Money Driven


Generation Z may tend to look at security and money. This is a rational generation; they care about making a difference but are ultimately motivated by ensuring they have a secure life outside of work. As they were still young during the recession, which they may have seen their parent struggle to take on the financial hits. While millennials are often seen as more idealistic, and more motivated by purpose than cash.


2. More Competitive


Generation Z is said to be competitive and independent, they tend to work individually, and they want to be recognized by their own work so that their skills and abilities can shine through, instead of being judged as a team. This also refers to how their parents has taught them to work hard with reward to come at the end. However, Millennials are said to be cooperative and teamwork oriented. They want to work in an environment where inclusion is a priority, and where everybody works together to advance goals.


3. Multitask (More Than Millennials)


Generation Z is living in a connected world, they use different apps to stay in touch with the digital world by constantly updating their status. They tend to switch between different tasks and share immediate response, it is natural for them to pay attention to all kinds of stimuli. This can be perfect for a workplace that requires multitasking. Also they do not have such a strict division between work and home, which may change the workplace even more in the next few years.


4. More Entrepreneurial


Due to the independence and desire for financial success, Generation Z is more likely to want to start a business than millennials, as they are eager to driven themselves and willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. Therefore, they are likely to soak up as much knowledge as they can and take on many different challenges.


5. True Digital Natives

Generation Z, has been living in a digital world full of smartphones and free Wi-Fi for as long as they can remember. They easily switch between platforms and technologies and pick up new software in no time. This has become a nature habit for them when comes to technology compare to millennials.


6. To Be Cared For


Generation Z expects the workplace to meet their needs. They are similar to Millennials in this way and are actually similar to the baby boomer generation. This attitude has an impact on the workplace.


There are significant inter-generational differences between Millennials and young people who have just entered the workplace. Of course, every member of a generation is an individual and has its own unique characteristics, but remembering these summaries can help you prepare for a new generation of people to work the world.

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