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Hong Kong Courier Forum 2019

Minimal Office

Mclaren Consultancy

Mon Jul 15 2019 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

We were honored to be invited to share our insight in the human capital market in a logistics forum. We had the opportunity to share our expertise regarding a very important subject for employees in every industry – what defines one’s salary.

The fact is that any request of a salary increment higher than 15% of your current salary will ring bells in any HR / senior management minds. Although you current basic salary is the most important consideration of your future employer to formulate a salary offer, you should avoid changing jobs frequently merely for the sake of boosting up your basic salary. It comes with a cost, because it may backfire as you can only benefit from it in the short term (1-2 years). If you are dedicated to develop your professional career path, this may jeopardize your reputation and trustworthiness. Being a “jumpy” candidate is the last thing you want to be labelled in the job market.


Yet, there are some factors that can help you break through the 15% ceiling in salary increment and save you from frequently changing jobs for a pay rise.


  • Choose a job that offers you variable earnings other than fixed basic salary eg. Commission / bonus

  • Attend training courses to improve your skillset

  • Attain professional qualification / license

  • Develop career stability

  • Most importantly, develop, accumulate and highlight your career achievement (come to us for further advice in polishing your achievement in CV / during interview!)


We are glad to share our insight with every stakeholder in the employment market. HR is a universal topic that everyone of us should stay alert of.

Interested in exploring career opportunities or know a friend who does? Let us know!

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